Dead Rising 2: First Look at Gameplay

So this Dead Rising 2 trailer just made it to the internet. After taking a close look I have some immediate impressions that I want to air out.

This game does look awesome, but I’m super cautious about getting to excited. A title like this has the potential to do a lot of the same in regards to what the last game did. The original Dead Rising had it’s really great moments, it was fun, interesting, and something that people hadn’t really seen before. So it was really a great game to show up at the beginning of the “Next Gen” console life cycle. But the mechanics of  find weapon, kill zombies, replenish health, find survivor, escort got old pretty fast. And the fact that you were on a strict timeline of events and the clock never really stopped counting down was also kind of frustrating. I really don’t want to see this game do a lot of these things.

I want more RPG elements. I’d like the ability to collect, keep, and even upgrade certain weapons. So I hope that double sided chainsaw stick or the dirtbike modified with chainsaws are something that you can build or customize. I’d also like to see less escort missions. That might be my least favorite gameplay style of all time, and I’m not alone on this either. I know you hate it too.  Finally, and this is a super nitpicky thing that was beaten to death when the first game came out, but Capcom…please please please put text and subtitles in the game that aren’t 1 pixel by 1 pixel in size.

Let’s here what you think about this game. It’s less “Dawn of the Dead” this time which should open it up to more possibilities. Let me know where you think this game will go!


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